Check out the websites listed below to see where the VET Training Course you have selected leads to career wise. The sites give you videos of people in specific careers talking about what they do and what skills they need to become successful in the industry. This is a great motivator and learning experience so that you can impress your host employer when you undertake Workplace Learning.

Did you know that there are many ways to gain an apprenticeship? This means you need to consider all the options and choose one that suits you and your interests. Students planning to gain an apprenticeship as a school leaver can apply through both Group Training Organisations and State Training Providers. It is advisable to treat your application for training just like an application to university; you need to list as your preferences and be prepared to travel because there are some courses that are highly competitive!

Remember to collect and retain your CareerLink Logbook, especially your Daily Training Schedules and Monitoring Reports. You need to keep evidence of your suitability for the career you have selected.

It is helpful to attend the open days so that you get a ‘better picture’ of the offerings of the organisation. The websites will also give you more specific information about training options and arrangements for pre-apprenticeship training and links to an apprenticeship. Check out the videos of young people in Apprenticeships so that you get an idea what is involved in each field.

In order to achieve your career goals be sure to consider the training and links to apprenticeships through these agencies

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