Workplace learning

CareerLink is a program that equips students with employability skills. Workplace Learning is recognized by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority for accreditation on the WA Certificate of Education for Secondary Graduation.

This component of the program is vital in developing the social capital skills of young people. We are often told of students who are offered an apprenticeship, traineeship and employment as a result of their exposure to the real world of adult learning and work experience. Research proves that workplace learning helps to develop networks in the industry.


Your skills achievement needs to be recorded in your CareerLink Logbook which is issued by your School VET Coordinator. You must keep this information for future job applications and entrance to State Training Providers or University for further study. It is vital to keep records of the hours you have attended and achievement on the Monitoring Reports endorsed by your supervisor in the workplace.

Your school will offer Workplace Learning Course and Endorsed Programs. If you have queries, contact your School VET Coordinator or your Career Development Coordinator.

Benefits of Workplace Learning

The benefits for students:
The benefits for the Community:

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